8ft Inflatable Water Trampoline


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Key Features

WATER BOUNCER / Swimming PLATFORM:Inflatable water Bouncer,perfect for playing, lounging, and using as a swim platform but do not provide the same jumping experience as a water trampoline

EASY TO SET UP PR TAKE DOWN:Only 33 lbs! The Black nylon webbing jump surface is attached directly to the inflatable tube with an interlaced nylon rope for easy set up, Unlike water trampolines which are attached with metal springs

PERFECT FOR 2 KIDS:Constructed of commercial-grade highly durable materials, The bouncer 8ft is the ideal size for 1 adults or 2 children  (500 lbs./227 Kg max weight)


The 9.8’ water bouncer was designed for kids and can take hard recreational use. This product has the same high quality reinforced materials that go into all water trampolines and bouncers. This manageable 8' size is perfect for kids to bounce on and for adults who are just into lounging. The spring-less, interlaced nylon webbing "bouncer" design gives the user a short enjoyable "bouncer" lift. 


Material: PVC
Overall dimension: 8ft
Weight capacity: 15kg (33 lbs)

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